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    Save on Time

    Assess online or offline!

    Tap and swipe a mental state examination, self harm and suicide risk assessment, violence and aggression risk assessment, child harm risk assessment, sexual harm risk assessment, case formulation and treatment plan in less than 10 minutes. Get a medicolegal report in seconds.

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    Medico Legal Reports

    World Health Organisation compliant reports

    On-the-fly technology delivers a password protected mental state examination and other confidential reports. The ASSESSr App let's you identify and track an individual's mental health symptoms, empowering you to best engage the individual in the right treatment, at the right time.

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    The Right Assessment

    Intelligent technology, proven information sources  

    Thanks to the evidence based in-App unique sequencing and algorithms you can quickly identify suicide and self harm risk, risk to children and others in your community.  

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    World's Best Platform

    Developed by clinicians for clinicians

    Quickly identify mental health symptoms, warning, risk and protective factors. Tap and swipe a mental state examination. Deliver a case formulation to guide your treatment strategy. Know what you're doing.

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    Best Forensic Assessment

    Useful for forecasting sexual harm

    Ever wondered what weighted actuarial scales look like? Take a peek at ASSESSr and learn how you can predict dangerousness and the risk of recidivism. ASSESSr is a proven forensic assessment resource.

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Your Mental Health Assessments, Reinvented!


Mental health assessments as they should be. Completing a mental state examination or one of the four risk assessments will never be the same. Simply tap and swipe your answers, view your reports, then tap the export button. Use MSE-Risk ASSESSr wherever you are, whenever you want, at no extra cost. 

This application has been developed by clinicians for clinicians, it is a clinician decision support resource and should be used by trained professionals or trainees being supervised. 

Want to see how it works?  Watch the videos!


Ready to give it a try? 


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The next upgrade due June 2015 will introduce the Patient Health Profile. This self assessment protocol screens for depression, anxiety, trauma, somatisation, psychosis, eating disorder and for comorbid issues such as substance misuse. 



Less Assessing Time -
More Treating Time
  • on the go mobile device technology
  • assessments in only 6 to 10 minutes
  • perpetual use, 2 to 3 upgrades annually
  • includes MSE plus 4 clinical risk assessments
  • billable to most major insurances
  • portable, convenient handheld device
  • immediate scoring and results
  • immediate medico legal reports 
  • simple, intuitive interface
  • quick accurate assessments 
  • powerful software instantly returns reports - no wifi needed
  • Secure on-the-fly technology
  • Password protected exported reports


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