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    Mental Health Assessments

    Tap the answer. Export the report.

    Key Features:
    Psychological assessments, psychiatric evaluations, mental state assessment, risk assessments, case formulation, treatment plan, medicolegal reports.

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    Mental State Examination

    On-the-fly technology. Safe reports.

    Key Features:
    Mental state examination, self harm and suicide risk assessment, child harm risk assessment, aggression and violence risk assessment, sexual harm risk assessment

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    Self Harm & Suicide

    Less Assessment Time. More Treatment Time.

    Key Features:
    Suicide prevention, self harm and suicide prediction, suicide risk factors, evidence based actuarial assessment, structured clinical judgement 

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    Prevent Child Harm

    Tap, swipe answers. Instant risk report.

    Key Features:
    Warning, risk and protective factors, child protection, child safety, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, exposure to domestic violence

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    Aggression Violence Prevention

    Predictive measure.  Reduced risk.

    Key Features:
    Aggression and violence, violence risk assessment, violence prediction, forensic risk assessment, clinical judgement

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    Forecasting Sexual Harm

    Weighted actuarial scales. Predict sexual harm.

    Key Features:
    Dangerousness, sex offenders, suspected sexual harm risk assessment, sexual assault, professional judgement, risk of recidivism

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    Mental Health Resources

    Free mental health resources. Your own library.

    Key Features:
    Digital Books, Guides, Templates, Checklists, Case Management tools

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Quick Accurate Reports Save Time

Mental Health Assessment App!

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Less Assessing Time -
More Treating Time
  • on the go mobile device technology
  • one small price, unlimited use
  • includes MSE plus 4 clinical risk assessments
  • billable to most major insurance
  • portable, convenient handheld device
  • assessments in only 6 to 10 minutes
  • immediate scoring and results
  • immediate medico legal reports 
  • simple, intuitive interface
  • quick accurate assessments 
  • powerful software instantly returns reports - no wifi needed
  • Secure - on-the-fly technology
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