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    Mental Health Assessment App

    iPhone and iPad

    mental state assessments, self harm and suicide risk assessments, violence and aggression risk assessment, child harm risk assessments, sexual harm risk assessments, case formulation, treatment plan, medicolegal reports.

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    Mental State Examination

    On-the-fly technology. Safe reports.

    Key Features:
    Mental state examination, self harm and suicide risk assessment, child harm risk assessment, aggression and violence risk assessment, sexual harm risk assessment

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    Self Harm & Suicide

    Less Assessment Time. More Treatment Time.

    Key Features:
    Suicide prevention, self harm and suicide prediction, suicide risk factors, evidence based actuarial assessment, structured clinical judgement 

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    Prevent Child Harm

    Tap, swipe answers. Instant risk report.

    Key Features:
    Warning, risk and protective factors, child protection, child safety, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, exposure to domestic violence

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    Aggression Violence Prevention

    Predictive measure.  Reduced risk.

    Key Features:
    Aggression and violence, violence risk assessment, violence prediction, forensic risk assessment, clinical judgement

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    Forecasting Sexual Harm

    Weighted actuarial scales. Predict sexual harm.

    Key Features:
    Dangerousness, sex offenders, suspected sexual harm risk assessment, sexual assault, professional judgement, risk of recidivism

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    Mental Health Resources

    Free mental health resources. Your own library.

    Key Features:
    Digital Books, Guides, Templates, Checklists, Case Management tools

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292 clinicians reviewed the app. 82% said it saved time and effort! 73% said it was faster and easier than pen and paper!

FREE Mental Health toolkit with each app purchased.

Developed by clinicians for clinicians!
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Less Assessing Time -
More Treating Time
  • on the go mobile device technology
  • one small price, perpetual use
  • includes MSE plus 4 clinical risk assessments
  • billable to most major insurance
  • portable, convenient handheld device
  • assessments in only 6 to 10 minutes
  • immediate scoring and results
  • immediate medico legal reports 
  • simple, intuitive interface
  • quick accurate assessments 
  • powerful software instantly returns reports - no wifi needed
  • Secure - on-the-fly technology
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