Our Story

The MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr platform has been designed and developed by Peter Kohleis. Peter has post graduate qualifications in clinical psychology and neuropsychology and more than 35 years clinical and research experience. Each assessment and clinical element within the MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr app is informed by evidence, with field testing occurring over the last decade.  Over 3000 individuals downloaded the earlier version (MSE&RISK ASSESSr).

Peter believes his presence in this mobile technology sector will inspire other clinicians to follow, making technology an important adjunct to mental health assessment and intervention. Peter has created several other clinical applications deployed within and across the non-government and public mental health sectors.

The MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr App is more than a giant collection of synonyms; it is a treasury of the terms, standard phrases and common concepts clinicians in mental and behavioural health use every day. It is designed to:

If you are involved in mental and behavioural evaluations, medico-legal reports, intake and risk assessments, managed care reports, summaries of treatment . . . the MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr app will ease your workload as it sharpens your writing because it does the following:

In addition, because of its interface and format, the MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr can help you to do these things:

The MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr can be thought of as a huge more than 15,000 item checklist. It is designed to approximate your internal checklist, the one you draw on when interviewing your patients and clients. However, because it is far easier to work from an external checklist, it converts your demanding free recall memory into a much simpler task of recognition memory. You just have to read and tap your answer, then down load your report.

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