Child Harm Risk Assessment


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Child Harm Risk Assessment

The suspected Child Harm Risk Assessment is an evidence informed platform that provides the necessary information needed when advocating for a child or young persons psychological and physical well-being.

Practitioners can use the child harm risk assessment to meet statutory reporting requirements and to view risk and protective factors when making informed decisions. It is particularly powerful when the mental state examination is also used to support the clinical response (parent assessment).

The practitioner can easily complete an evidence informed clinical risk assessment – by taking the guesswork out of their child harm observations. The child harm assessment ratings are based upon the absence or presence of risk and protective factors. Clinical use was initiated in 2005 - thousands of assessments have since been completed.




collaborate icon Evidence based
uses empirical information to inform the clinical assessment processes involved in child harm
vizulation icon Identifies factual information
and targets specific child harm observations for further review
settings icon Reviews environmental effects
the effects of the child's setting or circumstances on the potential for child harm
search icon Reflects on one's own judgements
on one's own cultural, perceptual or attitudinal bias when assessing child harm
content icon Quality standards
'serial reports' review and monitor child harm risk and protective factors, meeting international standards
touch icon Ideal
case report for delivering suspected child harm information to the local statutory authorities
export icon Monitors
the frequency and duration of specific child harm problematic behaviours relevant to the child / family
client icon Serial risk reports
clinician easily views past and current reports, monitoring progress and intervention effects overtime
draft icon Record
the practitioner records and reports all critical child harm information
contact icon Instantly
exports child harm risk reports, with decision support based on practitioner ratings
secure icon Confidential
password protected data storage on your device (no third party storage) - meets child protection requirements

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