Mental Health Assessment Products

We love software. With us, you get evidence based, well-engineered technology in an attractive, user-friendly All-In-One Assessment Solution. After all, we use it ourselves every day.

MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr is our complete one stop solution for mental and behavioural health evaluation. Powerful, easy to use, and lightning-fast. You simply tap and swipe your assessment and your assessment content is extracted automatically into a medico-legal report.

MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr is developed with contemporary clinical processes in mind.  There is no reason for users to change their current assessment approach or learn new methods. Upgrading your approach to incorporate technology will make your professional life easier; however the real benefit is that it delivers valuable patient insights and guides how you can best navigate patient needs.

Five Assessment Protocols:

Mental Status Examination, formulation and treatment plan:

The MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr bridges the gap between the scientific approach and clinician judgement.  It delivers a professional, best practice mental state examination report, saves it to the patients record on your personal mobile device, and restores it on-demand ready for exporting to the physical case record or later editing. Patient information is password protected and because the data stays on your mobile device, there's no cloud, no third party interests and when exported it is password protected.

The mental state examination and clinical risk assessment protocols have been routinely used in both Australia and New Zealand since 2005. Because the protocols are not new, it is 'business as usual' for psychiatrists, medical staff, allied health and other mental and behavioural health clinicians, including case managers (no new learning is required).

Self Harm and Suicide Risk Assessment:

The MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr algorithms auto-code warning signs, risk and protective factors which are weighted to deliver an empirically based assessment report. Is not however, a silver bullet (because one will never exist), but it can guide and will support your clinical judgement, and thats what best practice is about.

Once you've entered the patient onto your mobile device, you can link the patient to their service providers (such as their GP or other professionals) and you can also use the functions of your device (phone, SMS, email) to quickly keep them up-to-date. Which means, when you're working with an at risk patient you can marshal the extra support your patient needs by sending them the risk assessment dashboard, clinical report and decision support matrix (Low, Moderate, High and Extreme Risk).

Child Harm Risk Assessment

The suspected Child Harm Risk Assessment is an evidence informed platform that provides the information needed when advocating for a child or young persons psychological and physical well-being.

Practitioners can use the child harm risk assessment to meet statutory reporting requirements and to view risk and protective factors when making informed decisions. It is particularly powerful when the mental state examination is also used to support the clinical response (when completing your parent assessment).

The practitioner completes an evidence informed clinical risk assessment when reporting their child harm observations - by simply tapping and swiping their responses. The child harm assessment ratings are based upon the absence or presence of warning, risk and protective factors.....

Violence and Aggression Risk Assessment:

Completing a psychiatric evaluation or psychological assessment can be a dangerous job, particularly for frontline practitioners. It is important, when working with at risk populations, that you have the ability to quickly assess and report the potential for violence and aggression.

Practitioners need to recognise the risk for violence and aggression, not just for their own sake or their colleagues, but because they have a duty of care to their community and the people connected to the person undergoing a mental health and violence and aggression risk assessment. The MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr mobile device assessment identifies at risk people, providing the practitioner with the information they need to guide their clinical decisions and actions.The risk variables and algorithms quickly determine the person's level of risk and their potential to harm others (rated as either low, moderate, high or extreme risk).

Sexual Harm Risk Assessment:

A clinician decision support tool is about prevention. MSE&SUICIDE ASSESSr combines scientific information and clinical judgement to support what you need to know and do next. Rated scores evaluate warning, risk and protective factors.  The Sexual Harm Risk Assessment delivers the right information, at the right time - when it is most needed.

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